Monday, January 24, 2011

Viral at Work!

Here's a new little feature on the site where I post videos that are currently "viral" at my work-place. In other words, this video is making the rounds amongst the funny kids at work. I'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as we all do!

So to kick off this new feature we have a fairly frightening video that pretty much deals with HOW NOT to raise your kid! It's a video about a poor young future ruined child who no doubt was FORCED to perform this unintelligible (unlistenable) song on LIVE tv. To make it better (or worse depending on who's watching), the video has been slowed down to make the poor child sound like a drunk 40 year old! ENJOY!

The 80s Made Me Fat is STILL ALIVE!

No we didn't have a heart attack and keel over! I've been neglecting the site like a bad father letting his son walk home from school in the rain while I watch reruns of Married with Children and eat crispy delicious chickens out of a bucket in the nude! WHEW!

Anyway, the site is "coming back" in a big way, and instead of focusing on one topic, namely things that contributed to adulthood obesity, we're gonna post all sorts of crazy shit! So stay tuned, again, and keep checking back for some great stuff to come!

To whet your appetite, here's a classic short music video/thingy that I made for the wonderful classic Felix Figueroa and his Orchestra tune... PICO AND SEPULVEDA!!!